Embroidery process is all about decorating your apparel with stitches and threads. It differs from screen printing because instead of any actual ink to color your garments, your use different colored threads to which are neatly selected by our productions department, and with the precision of the machine each thread color is laid out on its designated area to create your beautiful embroidered logo.


Screen Printing Process involves many steps, but we make it easy and the result is magnificent. Each color involved in printing needs its own film printed out, then the film is transferred to a Screen with a woven mesh inside and a metal frame outside. The mesh blocks the ink from all areas except for the image from the film that is transferred onto it. This area will allow ink to pass through in the desired color for your final result.


Sublimation is an awesome new trend. It is the process of transferring dye onto garments and accessories without entering the liquid phase. We have perfected this process with lots and lots of practice. Our staff is determined to deliver nothing but the best product. With our sublimation capabilities you can apply full color digital prints to your garments. The colors will pop beautifully.