Tackle Twill

Tackle Twill

Screen printing is a process that takes time to master and we have the expertise to make sure every order is done perfectly. This is our go to decoration method as it is one of the most cost effective methods for larger orders. There are 2 componates that effect the pricing for a screen print order, Colors and Quanity. As the amount of colors increase so does the price because that requires our printers to create more stencils and for each color needing to be printed. As quanitly increases your price decreases because screen printing once set up is an extremly quick process.

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Screen Print FAQ

What type of inks do you print with

  • We use a special low-temp plastisol ink for all our prints. This allows us to print on almost any garment while still providing, bright colors and a long lasting print

How Long Will My Shirt Last

  • Your shirt could last for years to come but it really depends on how well you take care of the garment. We suggest washing cold and hang drying any screen printed product to assure the print looks just as good as day 1

Do you offer Metallic or Specialty Inks

  • Whatever color you want we can get. Other then the stock colors we offer on our website we have a wide range of specialty colors available on request. If you need color matched we also offer custom Pantone colors.